SEAK is available to medical malpractice defendants and defense counsel to train medical malpractice defendants in developing and improving testifying skills.  Our medical malpractice witness preparation trains medical witnesses for key depositions, hearings, and trial testimony, and shows medical malpractice defendants how to become active members of the defense team.

One-On-One Training


We provide one-on-one training for medical malpractice defendants to give them practical tools to survive the challenges of medical malpractice litigation. We train malpractice defendants in how to develop testifying skills at both deposition and trial, and suggest ways that they can actively assist in their own defense. Our training includes:

  • How to be a more effective witness in your own defense at deposition or trial
  • How to capably describe your medical credentials, training, experience, and practice
  • How to skillfully present, explain and defend the medical care you provided, including standard of care issues
  • How to engage the jury and gain their trust
  • Cross-examination strategies
  • Ways to be an active and helpful member of the medical malpractice defense team
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On-Site Customized Training


SEAK is available to provide on-site customized training to medical group practices, medical societies, and medical professional organizations. Our training provides the skills and tools needed to give our attendees the best chance to successfully defend an accusation of medical malpractice, including:

  • What to expect in the life of a medical malpractice case
  • How to be an effective testifying witness
  • How to properly present medical qualifications
  • How to effectively answer direct examination questions
  • Strategies for overcoming attorney cross-examination tactics
  • Ways medical malpractice defendants can actively assist in their own defense
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Medical Malpractice Survival Training DVDs


Malpractice Survival Training for Physicians  provides essential training for any physician who is currently being sued or is at risk for being sued over the course of his or her career.  Content covered in this essential five DVD set includes:

  • How to be a more effective witness in your own defense at deposition and trial
  • How to best work with and assist your defense counsel
  • How to avoid getting sued
  • How to make a favorable impression on the jury
  • How to understand and enforce your rights under liability insurance policies
  • Settlement considerations
  • How to avoid common mistakes that can sink your case
  • How to avoid or minimize damage to your reputation
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“[Your training] was a wonderful prep not only for this case [but] for all my other cases. I certainly went in with confidence… Thank you so very much Nadine.”

“[The trial] went well and defense got a complete defense verdict so the attorneys were very pleased… I attribute the outcome to what I have learned from you…”