On-site Medical Malpractice customized training for individual physicians and organizations

On-Site Customized Training

Our Service

SEAK is available for on-site medical malpractice customized training for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, group practices, and medical organizations on the topic of medical malpractice. We are available to give medical professionals who are currently being sued or are at risk of being sued the training, skills and tools needed for the best chance to successfully defend an accusation of medical malpractice. Training can be customized to include topics such as the following:

  • How medical malpractice defendants can be more effective witnesses in their own defense at deposition and trial
  • How medical malpractice defendants can make sure they are represented by the right lawyer and that that lawyer hires the best experts
  • How to best work with and assist defense counsel
  • How to avoid getting sued for medical malpractice
  • How to make a favorable impression on the jury
  • How medical malpractice defendants can understand and enforce their rights under liability insurance policies
  • Relevant factors in the decision to settle and how much to settle for
  • How medical malpractice defendants can avoid common mistakes that can adversely affect their case

Time Frame and Costs

SEAK’s customized programs can be taught at any requested level from introductory to advanced. Clients appreciate the convenience, cost-effectiveness, relevance, and confidentiality of SEAK’s onsite training.

If you would like a quote for one of our training programs brought to your group, please contact Attorney Nadine Nasser Donovan at, or 617-791-4282,  or click on the box below to request a quote.

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