Testimonials from SEAK clients.

“Nadine, we won a defense verdict today.  The jury deliberated for 45 minutes and came back 8-0 for us!  Nadine, your help was very essential for me–without your training and expertise, I would not have been able to “see” the questions and use the visual aids.  Without your help, I would’ve been lost.  You are phenomenal and I can’t thank you enough!”


“Depositions went well on Friday.  Both [medical malpractice] defendants felt very well prepared.  Thanks for your help.  Both of my clients found working with you to be very valuable.”


“I wanted to give you an update on the case you had helped me with. The trial has come and gone.  It went well and defense got a complete defense verdict so the attorneys were very pleased. After the verdict, they spoke with the jurors.  Apparently, they liked me most of all of the experts, mainly because they felt that I had relied on the facts and did not come off working for either side.  While I’d like to take credit for that, truth is I attribute the outcome to what I have learned from you and the SEAK conferences that I have attended, and I shared that with the hiring attorneys as well.  Anyway, just wanted to give you feedback and thank you again for your help.”


“My depo went great. The attorney said great job. He was so pleased and I was thrilled how it went. You prepping over the last few months for these depo’s has really built up my self confidence. Thanks Nadine a million times over. I think you are very tough and that’s what makes me strong!!!!!”


“[My Deposition] went great, fabulous. I am so excited. It was a wonderful prep not only for this case however for all my other cases. I certainly went in with confidence, [Retaining Counsel] said, OK drum roll “You are the best presenting expert I have ever seen”. I was all smiles. I will still stay humble and that does not go to my head although it did feel good.  So this was all worth it and I am so happy I did this with you. Thank you so very much Nadine. I love working with you.”


“My session with you was most helpful in preparing me for meeting with defendant’s counsel as well as the deposition. Given many of the issues you brought up, I was able to request additional documentation and discuss specific elements with counsel to gain more comfort in statements I had made either in the report or in response to your questions. Additionally, to be perfectly honest, it was often less stressful and intimidating to respond to the deposing attorney’s questions than it was to yours!”


“Thank you again for working so hard with me all day yesterday!  It was so helpful, and I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.  I feel like I left with a wealth of valuable information and tips, and that I am so much better prepared as a result.”

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Here’s what your colleagues have to say about SEAK’s Medical Malpractice Survival Training DVD:

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  • “Absolutely wonderful.”
  • “Outstanding.”
  • “Super.”
  • “Great educational experience-exactly what I was looking for.”
  • “Excellent. Best presenter I have seen for many years.”
  • “Outstanding.”
  • “Excellent. Knowledge is comforting.”
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